Book release day: Inventive Weaving

For previous book releases, I’ve made a pilgrimage to the local bookseller to take a celebratory picture standing next to the book on the shelves.

With my time almost completely┬átaken up with working at Google and spending time with my family, I’m not sure when I’ll have time to get to a local yarn or book store. So if you see a copy out in the wild, give it a pat for me, will you?

Cover for Inventive Weaving

This book is the culmination of four years of work, research, weaving that went well, weaving that didn’t, fear, day jobs, procrastination, more work, and heroic efforts on the part of my editor.

I hope you like it.

P.S. Got my 30 minutes of novel writing in yesterday and today. By the skin of my teeth today, but done!

12 thoughts on “Book release day: Inventive Weaving

  1. Already got my copy, and it’s one of the most understandable and concise books about rigid heddle that I’ve ever seen. I love that you included options for tapestry, weaving with wire, and more detail on using 2+ heddles on a RH loom. Excellent job, and I will be recommending that they carry it at my local fiber shop!

    • Bonnie, you’re a dear friend and I’d love to figure out how to get you a signed copy! Unfortunately I don’t have any spare copies at the moment. My Dad was so enthusiastic about the book that he bought all my author’s copies to distribute to his friends. We’ll have to strategize about this. Let’s chat via email.

  2. I had pre-ordered when it popped up on Amazon and my copy arrived Sunday. I *love* it! Clear writing, good photos and lots of information I had not seen else where.

    I’m on a couple Rigid Heddle groups on Facebook where other people have also gotten their copies and made positive comments. The beautiful weaving is inspiring!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Our library already has it on the “new books” shelf. Well, had it, I have it for the next few weeks!

    I like the multitude of clear, color pictures. And it seems like it will lay relatively flat when open to a page. I like to keep books like this nearby and open while I learn.

    Thanks, Rick

  4. Syne, ( and what is the correct pronunciation for your name?)

    I am a novice weaver, but I like the Baby Wolf. I got your Ridged Hedle book because 1) I can’t walk away from another weaving book, and 2) it has a lot of ideas I can use on the BW.

    I looks like weaving on the Ridged Hedle Loom is sort of a combination of what we usually do on a frame loom and the detailed pick-up weaving that is done on backstop looms in South America.

    You have a section on tapestry weaving. I just wanted to point you to the works of Maximo Laura, the incredible Peruvian tapestry artist. His work is done on a very large scale on horizontal frame looms. I hope you enjoy his work! Check out the section on how they are done.

    And thank you for a great addition to my library.

    Linda Morehouse

  5. I also picked up a copy from my library, and I’ll be ordering my own copy before it is due to be returned. I’ve been learning something on every page. I picked your book over all the other choices because of your fantastic podcast. I’ve learned so much from you while driving to work each morning, already.
    I just yesterday I listen to you on CraftSanity Podcast and was thrilled to hear you will be podcasting again. Thank you so much for giving so much to the weaving community!

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