Weaving is a craft that goes back tens of thousands of years, and is just as relevant today. It creates beautiful fabrics you can’t find in stores, is fun, and learning new things is good for your brain. I’ve created books, podcasts, and even an online magazine to get you started.

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Inventive Weaving

A book that takes you from your first time weaving on a rigid-heddle loom to the farther reaches of what you can do with this simple loom. In writing this book, I took everything I knew about weaving and tried it on a rigid-heddle loom. So not only does it push the boundaries of rigid-heddle weaving, it sets you up for success on other types of looms as well.

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WeaveCast Podcast

Almost sixty hours of podcast interviews with prominent weavers, sharing how they got started and what inspires them. WeaveCast is currently on hiatus.

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The weavecast logo, it is a series of concentric circles that appear to be broadcasting a weave draft. Belo are the words: WeaveCast a podcast for weavers

WeaveZine Magazine

Free articles on a wide variety of weaving topics, spanning the gamut from simple rigid-heddle projects to weave drafts for 24-shafts. With a focus on teaching techniques, there’s a lot here to get you started. WeaveZine is closed for submissions.

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