Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival

My new book, Inventive Weaving, is scheduled to be published tomorrow, though I know that some folks who attended Rhinebeck or pre-ordered the book on Amazon have already gotten their hands on copies.

This upcoming weekend I’ll be promoting the book at the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival, in The Dalles, Oregon. It’s one I’ve never been to and I’m interested to explore it. There are some great teachers there. Friday afternoon, I’m taking the Knit Smart class taught by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Friday, from 4pm-7pm, I’ll be participating in a book signing with all the luminaries teaching at the festival.

Saturday, I’ll demo weaving overshot on a rigid heddle loom from 11:00-11:45, near the registration desk.

Linda Gettman, one of my former students, is teaching rigid-heddle classes at the festival . I’m so proud of her! If I teach someone to weave, and they go on to teach others, does that make me a weaving grandma?

And yes, today’s 30 minutes of novel writing are done!

7 thoughts on “Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival

    • I think it’s fun to think about the weaving flowing out from my teachers, to me, to others, and then those that they teach. A great circle of knowledge, flowing outward.

  1. The book is wonderful from ideas to photos to layout to inspiration to jump up and try Things. It arrived Saturday into the middle of a weekend complex-braiding workshop and was perused with great delight by the double-handful of fiberistae here.
    Study, book-signing, and demonstrating sound like a warm and satisfying way to launch your book, and may you have a good deep & solid connection with your fiber community.

    • Yay! I’m glad you like it! Sounds like you had an amazing braiding weekend. Sorry to have missed you that weekend, the conference and a “secret project” kept me busy.

  2. I am so excited about your book coming out!
    And bravo for doing NaNoWriMo. You’ve already had some success in that area so I know you’ll do well. 😉
    You are too young to be a grandma.

    • I’m having fun with the writing. I’m focusing on building a practice more than any particular outcome. That said, I have a book I’ve been noodling around for the past decade or so, so I have a framework to play in.

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