About Syne

Welcome! I’m Syne Mitchell (she/her) and this is my website.

My current project is My Ex, Vlad, it’s a monster romance comic that is funny, feminist, and affirms that sometimes the most loving thing you can do… is break up.

I started learning the art & craft of comics at the end of 2019 and I’ve studied at Hugo House, Bellevue College, The Center for Cartoon Studies, and The Sequential Artist’s Workshop, where I undertook a year-long course.

In previous chapters of my life, I’ve written science-fiction novels and taught weaving.

I live near Seattle, with my husband, Eric, and a Bengal cat named Lord Sesshomaru, or “Maru” for short. I’m an also avid beekeeper; handling stingy insects on the regular keeps me grounded.

You pronounce my name with a long ‘i’ sound, as in “Auld Lang Syne”, or “sign” or “sine wave.” My parents’ stories on how I got that name never corroborated, so feel free to make up your own.