Two weeks ago I gave notice. Today was my last day working at Amazon. It was also my third year anniversary of when I joined the company. It was time. It’s a hit financially, but a necessary one; I need a break from the long hours and the stress that goes along with any IT job. My health and my psyche was beginning to suffer. And I think my family will benefit from having me at home, to help Kai with school, to make healthy meals and do all the business of taking care of the house and the people who live in it. It’s a luxury to be able to quit, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to try it and see how things go. In six months, we’ll reassess and see if this is working, or whether I need to find another job. But that’s six months to get my health back in line, to feed my family tasty home-cooked meals, and to spend summer vacation with Kai.

Today I drove into Seattle and dropped off my computer and my card key. It was an odd feeling walking out of the building, of knowing I no longer belong there. Lighter, but a bit scary, too.

I’m not sure what comes next. I have some plans about getting the house in order, and taking better care of my body. I’m trying to be okay with ambiguity, and not fall into my usual trap of filling up every spare moment trying to be productive. I’ve forgotten how to relax. It’s time to relearn how to face a weekend with nothing at all planned.

In the meantime, I’ve been spinning. This is 4 ounces of Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) wool that was dyed by Frabjous Fibers in the color #121 Hespera.


Like me, I have no idea what it’s going to be, but I feel it has potential.

15 thoughts on “Unemployed

  1. The trouble with adventure and new beginnings is they feel so scary while you’re doing them and it’s hard to remember that they will feel so glamorous in the retelling once the future is known. Good luck Syne, not that you’ll need it with your get up and go.

  2. Syne, I hope you can return to weaving. Put a pretty warp on your loom and watch the cloth grow while Kai is in school. Any time you can spend doing something with your son is time to treasure. All too soon, Kai will be heading off to college, or at least that’s what it feels like when I look back on the childhood years of my two grown sons.
    Maybe you can come to Complex Weavers Seminars in Tacoma! Or at least stop by and see some exhibits. There will be at least two special exhibits during CW.
    Bonnie Inouye

  3. Congratulations on your leap, even with not knowing quite how it will all look going forward. You’ve mentioned this strange concept of giving yourself downtime, before. I wish you some o’ that sacred calm in this new cycle of your life.

  4. Health first. Yes and yes. You get to keep this body/mind your whole life; treat it well.
    Looks like you’ve found a grand way to start that path. The spinning wheel! The rhythm, the soft wool in your fingers… the *color*. Ahh! Feel it all. Don’t re-surface until you want to.

  5. It is often difficult for others to truly understand how demanding IT jobs can be. You are wise to recognize and act on when you need to step away for your health and the well-being of your family. Learning to truly relax again may be tougher than you expect.

    Wishing you joy in discovering new adventures in cooking healthy meals, spinning, and living a more balanced life for yourself and your family.

  6. So many jobs involve too many hours, too many responsibilities, too few resources to accomplish them, all adding up to too much stress. What a silly waste of fabulous talent! Rant over. Take your fabulous talent home, rest it and nurture it, and enjoy it anew. Have a lovely spring and summer, and the autumn will bring fresh opportunities (and new stationery!)

  7. I took the leep last June and cut work in half – too chicken to cut it all. I am sleeping more than I have in years, and feeling great. Good luck with boundaries and good intentions – both are valuable.

  8. Like everyone else, I do business with Amazon, and it was fun thinking that you were there seeing to it all. I fully understand how that job could eat you up–delicious as you are.

    Enjoy the change and revel in being free to organize your days around what is important to you. I hope the reassessment in six months shows that it is working so you can continue–if that is what you want.

    You go, Girl!

  9. Bravo! Just got here by google searching “What happened to Syne Mitchell” 🙂 and I’m so happy for you! If I weren’t a little over a year from retirement, I’d follow your lead. (I just want my eyesight and my hands to hold out till I can spend more time with fiber!) I’m a computer programmer, so I can really sympathize with you, because tech work can really wring all of the energy out of you! Looking forward to hearing about more wonderful adventures, now that you’re back to your world!

  10. Hi Syne, I’ve been so focused on my own little life that I am just seeing this post. I must say I find this turn of events exciting for you (also didn’t know your health was suffering). I just imagined you blissfully engaged in roller derby–kicking ass on all fronts. In a recent chat with “The Weaving Goddess”, she sends her deepest blessings! And from me, I anticipate news of the next door opening.

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