That’s a Lot of Warp

Last night I had one of those bouts of insomnia that hit me every once in a while, so I stayed up until 3am and…finally finished winding up the last of the blanket yarn!  Huzzah!

I put all the warp chains together and they completely filled a laundry hamper.

That's a LOT of warp chains

It’s fun to see all the colors together.  Because it took me a while to finish winding all the warp chains, all the donated yarns made it in.  (Even the stragglers that I haven’t gotten into the photo gallery yet.)

There’s some pretty cool yarn in there: Zabet’s (of The AntiCraft) first spindle-spun yarn; my first handspun on a wheel; Brenda Dayne’s (of Cast-On) spindle-spun yarn; recycled yarn from Sage of Quirky Nomads; handspun from Amelia of The Bellwether (on a spindle, no doubt); yarn from Greece, Australia, New Zealand, England, the Netherlands, Canada, and the US; yarn from weavers, non-weavers, and aspiring weavers; yarn from old projects; yarn from people’s flock and fiber animals…too many stories to mention (though I’ve saved them all in a big green notebook.)

After I’d wound the warp chains, there were scraps of yarn left over.  I’d chosen to wind 13-yard bouts, so many of the scraps were 9-12 yards, and were way too special to throw away.  So I tied the cut ends together and wound them into balls.

Crazy balls of yarn

I’m not completely sure what to do with these.  Auction or sell them off for Doctors Without Borders?  Would anyone (but me) be interested in something as wild as this? (Personally, I think they’d knit up into a wonderful crazy-quilt shawl.)

Please share your thoughts: I enjoy your comments and feedback!