Shearing Day 2010

Yep, it’s time again for gratuitous sheep photos.  The shearer came to shear my sheep last weekend.

Shearing Sheep

The man in blue is Eifion, who comes over from Wales each year to visit family, and in the process wanders around and shears some sheep.  I believe the helper holding the power cord is his American brother-in-law.

Since Eifion worked for years in New Zealand, where flocks are counted in terms of tens of thousands, I think he’s amused by me and my three sheep.

The first time he came out, I wasn’t able to be there, so I left a check pinned to the barn door and a very detailed instruction sheet with information about the sheep including the vet’s phone number, the emergency vet’s number, my cell phone number, etc.  Kinda like you’d leave for a babysitter.

I think he ate out on that story for years.

This is Mousa, my “lead” sheep.  She’s physically the smallest, but also the most hard-headed and smartest.  She’s the biggest pain and yet…I like her best.  (Don’t tell the others.)

Mousa, sans wool

She decided that she didn’t mind shearing at all, as long as she wasn’t the one being sheared, and actually walked up to supervise while the others got sheared.

Three bags full of Shetland wool are now awaiting warmer weather to be washed and combed.

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