Poem: End of the Road

This is a poem I wrote when I was 26. Feels like I wrote it for my older self. What a thoughtful youth I was.

End of the Road

As people age, they become more themselves,
Less society’s construct.
As if our culture, obsessed with youth,
forgot to lay a path for old age.

For some, this is a tragedy:
Concrete conformity peters out,
Stranding them on dirt and gravel,
They stumble through their last years.

For others, a liberation:
As bruising asphalt fades
Revealing long-sought paths,
Through private wilderness.

–Syne Mitchell


4 thoughts on “Poem: End of the Road

    • Thank you! I had forgotten that I used to write poetry, and unearthed this while converting some floppy disc files over. It was interesting to re-discover things I’d written in the early ’90s.

  1. Nicely done. I’m a fan of your SF novels and believe you shouldn’t be surprised that your younger self could look forward through time.

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