Top Ten Reasons to Weave Your Holiday Gifts

In addition to the whole “avoiding holiday traffic and crowds” thing, there are a lot of compelling reasons to weave your holiday gifts this year.

10. Faster than knitting
Nuff said.

9. Can be mailed without packing materials 
Woven items are packing materials. Save the planet from styrofoam peanuts by shipping fabric instead.

8. Makes buying yarn downright selfless

7. Ditto loom upgrades
“Oh this second back beam?  I needed that for the piqué bathmat I’m weaving for Cousin Edgar.”

6. Justifies extra time at the loom
And during a stressful part of the year when a little extra weaving time can be a balm for the soul.

5. Gets you out of unwanted holiday events
“Gosh, Aunt Maggie, I’d love to come to your “It’s a Poodle Christmas” party, but I’ve got a lot of presents to finish up.  So sorry.”

4. Uses up stash that isn’t exactly your taste
Inexplicably ended up with 19 skeins of hot-pink eyelash yarn after last year’s Mother’s Day sale at your LYS?  Surely there is a girl under the age of ten somewhere on your gift list.

3. Makes room in your stash for any yarn you might receive as gifts
(My husband contributed this one.  I live in hope.)

2. It’s automatically: free trade, locally made, sustainable, artisan crafted
And heck, you can even use organic yarns if you like.  Granola goodness at a fraction of the price.

1. When you weave, you put a bit of yourself into the work
Your design sensibility, your touch, your wishes for the recipient.  There’s nothing you could buy at a store that would contain this much love and thoughtfulness.

Do you weave or otherwise craft your holiday gifts?  If so, what are your reasons?

1 thought on “Top Ten Reasons to Weave Your Holiday Gifts

  1. *Love* this, Syne! I weave for gifts because they’re personal – i.e., each one is made with a specific person in mind. Colors, textures, design – all are affected by the personality and tastes of that particular recipient.

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