“Marla of the Plains” Collaboration

I was part of a collaboration recently! My comics buddy Walter Hudsick does a theme for each month, and January was “adaptuary.” He was casting about for a story to adapt, and we were talking about how a short-seeming story can blow up into a lot of comics pages, as well as how some stories lend themselves easier to adaptation than others.

While we were talking, I thought about “Tiger’s Eye”, my very first professionally published story. I got my start writing 350-500 word short stories for Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword and Sorceress series, back in the 1990s.

I pulled out a dusty paperback, re-typed the story, and emailed it to Walter. He liked it! And so, our collaboration began. Or rather, his adaptation, I threw the story over to him and let him run with it. Eight pages later it was done!

His adaptation is great! You can take a look at it on Walter’s Portfolio page. You can also learn more about Walter on his blog.

First panel of "Marla of the Plains" minicomic. The panel shows a woman with her foot up on a rock, lasso in hand, with mountains off in the background. It reads: "Marla was a very ordinary woman, lean and strong; her clothes were plain and unadorned and her life simple, until..."

P.S. Marvel at the work that went into drawing the beaded curtains! I got a bit of good-natured grumbling from Walter about that particular plot point. XD

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