Comics for a Pandemic

Covid-19 is on all our minds at the moment. As an artist, the way I deal with uncomfortable emotions is by creating art. Below are a couple of comics I drew with the current situation in mind.

This first comic represents my hope that the current situation will bring us closer together.

Next I drew this picture of The Amabie. From the Japanese legend, if you look at an image of The Amabie while there’s an epidemic about, you’ll be protected.

I’m sharing it with you to let you know I’m wishing you health and wellness.

For my behind-the-scenes story behind this image, see the post about my process.

If you want to see the amabie photos created by other artists from around the world, go to Instagram and search on the following tag (amabie in Japanese) you can see pictures of amabie from all over the world: アマビエ

Maybe you want to make or share one?

Tip of the nib to David Lasky who introduced me to the concept of The Amabie and invited other makers and artists he knew to come up with their own versions.

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