Inktober: day one, “Ring”

So I’m taking drawing classes this fall, with the goal of eventually creating sequential art (aka comics). Being me, I jumped in the deep end and took courses that had a prerequisite of Basic Drawing, even though I’d never taken a drawing class before. So I took them concurrently with the basic drawing class, started looking at some online courses (Brent Eviston on Skillshare is amazing) and hoped I could stay far enough ahead so as not to embarrass myself. So far it’s worked out.

Here are the classes I’m taking:

  • Basic Drawing
  • Figure Drawing
  • Cartoon Illustration
  • Graphic Novel Memoir

My thought was that if I took all the drawing classes at once, I’d spend so much time drawing that I’d progress more rapidly than if I strung them out over time. I’m also attending drop-in figure drawings and keeping a sketch diary, so there’s a lot of drawing going on over here.

And this brings me to Inktober. It was a challenge put forth in 2009 by an artist who wanted to improve his inking skills. Each day in October, you post online an inked drawing inspired by a one-word prompt.

Today’s prompt was: ring. So I drew a ring of roses. I’m dedicating today’s drawing to my friend Julie K. She knows why.

ink drawing of a ring of roses.

Please share your thoughts: I enjoy your comments and feedback!