Raffle Update

Thank you, everyone who’s contributed to the birthday blanket fundraiser! This is turning into my favorite birthday ever! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see a good cause being supported.

So far we have 10 entrants, and have raised $715 for Doctors Without Borders!

The most common donation is $25, and there’s no minimum. If you want to enter, please give what feels comfortable. I know my birthday comes at an awkward, post-holiday-spending time and the government shut down is causing folks a lot of pain. So if you only have a couple of dollars to donate, that’s enough! …and if things are tighter than that, I feel for you; may things get better soon.

If you sent in an entry, you should have gotten an email “thank-you” message back from me directly. If you did not get one, please resend through the contact form on my website.

Someone asked when the raffle will end. I’ll take entries all the way until February 18. The drawing will happen on February 19th. For details on how to enter, see the original raffle post.

One last detail, if you were one of the people who sent in yarn back in 2009, I kept all the cards and envelopes and hope to send you a special thank you. Given how long this project has gone on, if you’ve changed mailing addresses since then, please drop me a note with your new address.

Please share your thoughts: I enjoy your comments and feedback!