Summer Camp

Summer CampYesterday was Kai’s first day of summer camp. Dropping him off was poignant. He handled it well enough, I was the one who wanted to cling to him. What a long way he’s come since first grade.

 The camp Kai’s attending is at a local college, and seems very organized, we were shepherded through sign-in and directed to his councilor. Kai was pleased that he ended up in one of the few groups led by a guy. (He’s very into his male identity these days.)

I walked around the campus a bit after he left, breathing in the heady scent of academia and enjoying the buildings and random bits of sculpture and art scattered about. There’s a wonderful energy on this campus. It reminded me of my college years, a mix of age and respect with the wonderful irreverence of youth scattered about.

There was amazing archictecture,

UW Architecture

whimsical benches,

Whimsical Bench

lovely landscaping,

even the bathroom graffiti was amusing (perhaps because it was from the art school building).

Amusing graphitti

I day-dreamed for a moment about quitting my job and going back to college. I don’t know for what—perhaps a class in Linux administration. Or art.  I don’t know, but it was a lovely bit of wondering.

If you could go back to school, would you? What subject would you study?

Please share your thoughts: I enjoy your comments and feedback!