FOs Make Any Day Better

Today was one of those hard days, when you come home and just need to be alone for a while.  Eric’s known me long enough that he actually looked at me and said, “Go, do something with your hands.”

So I started threading the birthday blanket. It’s part of a larger project I call “getting right with the world.” It may take a while, it may actually never happen, but I’m trying to get to a place where I’m all caught up and no one’s expecting anything from me that I can’t immediately deliver.  (Yeah, I know, but it’s a dream.)

I also went outside for a bit of a photo shoot.  I finished the mobius crocheted scarf for the second time.  After I finished it the first time, Selah showed me one that she’d made really wide and could wear as a scarf, a hood, or a hat.  I smitten with hoods and hats, so picked open the seam, and started adding to the scarf.  I ran out of the orginal yarn so added balls of related colors until it was wide enough to be very warm.  Wearing it I felt very Dr. Zhivago. Looking at the pictures, however, I seem rather babushka.  But hey, those babkuskas know how to keep the back of their necks warm, so I’m not complaining.

Crocheted Mobius

The other big project done is the lever-knit scarf. I got rather into the lever knitting, so it began to take on Dr. Who proportions. To make sure I could stop knitting it before it dragged on the ground, I had to give the last four balls of yarn to a friend to weave.
This picture is not a great one of the scarf, but it shows the relative length on me, and how well it fits with the colors I normally wear.

Lever-knit Scarf

This picture shows how much taller my husband Eric is than me. Whenever Eric is roped into a photoshoot, there’s envitabilty some friction. I mean, if the man could just read my mind, these things would go ever so much more smoothly.  I have even been known to storyboard how the shoot should go. Control issues? Ye-aaah. Maybe a bit.

Scarf on Eric

This look on his face translates to: “Please take the picture. Is the picture done yet? I hate having my picture taken for these things. The only thing worse is trying to take Syne’s picture when she’s trying to model and tell me how to frame the shot at the same time. Are we done yet?”

He’s a good sport, my husband.

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