A Visit from Mirrix

This morning I had a delightful brunch with Claudia Chase (owner and founder of Mirrix Looms) and her daughter Elena (marketing director of Mirrix.)  Claudia was in town visiting her daughter after a video shoot in Ohio, and it was a fun opportunity to hang out.

Claudia Chase and Elena Zuyok

So many ideas were flying around back-and-forth that we almost forgot to eat!  I enthused about my latest passion, eTextiles, and Claudia and Elena talked about this cool new bead/tapestry fusion bracelet they developed.  Soon our ideas collided and we were talking about eTextile/bead/tapestry fusions!

When the dust cleared, I’d cut my long-unfinished tapestry sampler off my Mirrix loom so I can put on a two-inch prototype warp.  (Claudia made me do it, and it felt to have the loom freed up for a new project that I’m excited about.)

clearing the loom decks

I gave Claudia some LED sequins and conductive thread to go home and play with.  Bringing artists together is great brain-sparky fun!

The only thing keeping me from leaping up and warping right now is I’m feeling pressure to get the Viking Coffee Cozy pattern out the door.  Tune in tomorrow to see which impulse won out.

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