A Box Full of Promise

This came in the mail this week.

Big bax

It’s 47 pounds of organic merino sock yarn, and represents all the yarn  my students will be using in the classes I’m teaching this summer.

Normally my process of preparing for a class involves running around like a crazy person a day or two before the class and buying yarn at my local yarn shop to dye.  Past years have seen me drying yarn in the hotel bathroom with a blowdryer, or using the shoe-dryer attachment of my washing machine.

This year, I decided to get my act together.  (I am forty now, after all.)  So I placed an order with Henry’s Attic, where I have a wholesale account.

The UPS driver didn’t believe it could be yarn, because it was too heavy.

I didn’t think the box seemed big enough to hold a whole season’s worth of yarn.  But like a Tardis, it seems to be bigger on the inside.  (Adorable child added for scale.)

Yarn and Kai

Guess I’d better get busy with the skeining and dyeing, eh?

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