A big thanks to folks who’ve sent in yarn for the Birthday Blanket Project.  The yarns are as interesting and diverse as the people who provided them, and I’m enjoying imagining how the finished blanket will turn out.

I had so much fun looking at all the different yarns that I created an online photo gallery.  So if you’re curious about what’s going into this project, you can browse through the yarns as well.  If you click on the thumbnail images, you’ll get a bigger view of the yarn with more information about it and the story behind it.

I’ll keep updating this as new yarn comes in, so that it can serve as a record of all the yarn that went into the blanket.

Setting up the yarn gallery was fun.  I imagine this must be how the folks at Spin-Off feel each issue when readers send in their sample skeins.

A lot of yarn has come in, but there’s still plenty of room on the warp.  So if you’ve been thinking about sending in the 40 yards of yarn that represents you, it’d still be very welcome.

The launch party is Sunday, Feb 21st, at Weaving Works in Seattle.  I’ll provide cake and refreshments and we’ll be winding warps for the blanket.  (Though if you just want to drop in and say hey, that’s fine, too.  I won’t put you to work unless you want to.)

Please share your thoughts: I enjoy your comments and feedback!