Talking Threads Interview

Back in October, I blogged about my trip to the TCTV television station to see independent producer Kathleen Jantz-Koprivnik at work on her show, Talking Threads.  Since then, her weaving-related specials have aired on TCTV, and now, several episodes are available on

Kate’s a one-woman show.  She started with no video experience—just a passion for weaving and a dream of creating a television show for weavers. I’m impressed at how fast she’s learned video production and how far she’s come.

I was honored to be the second guest on what I hope will be a long-running series.  With Kate’s permission, here’s an embed of Talking Threads, Episode 2: Meet Syne Mitchell (30 minutes.)

Other Talking Threads episodes include a behind-the-scenes of the Western Washington State Fair and an interview with Madelyn van der Hoogt, the editor of Handwoven magazine.

I’ve worked with Kate on a couple of video projects (the episode above and the Wash Cloth demo for YouTube) and learned tons.  In a phone conversation last week, we talked about working together on future video projects. I’m looking forward to it.  (Though next time—I swear—I’m gonna brush my hair!)

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