ANWG: Day Three

Today there were no classes, and what a good thing that was.  I  needed a day of rest after all the excitement of the previous two days.  I didn’t just lounge around, however, I was taped interviews with Kris Abshire and James Koehler.

I gave a brief 15-minute talk about online media for weavers at the end of the ANWG general meeting.  I mentioned WeaveCast and WeaveZine, of course, but also talked about all the other great resources for weavers online, such as, the Yahoo groups and, the upcoming launch of Weavolution, artist’s websites, etc.  And I pointed out that for a lot of the younger generation, if it’s not on Google, it might as well not exist.

WDL After that I went back to my dorm and ran into Jannie Taylor field-stripping an AVL workshop dobby loom.  It was an amazing site to see the dobby head taken apart and watch the solenoids click into place.

After that, Jannie gave me a quick demo on how to more efficiently design summer-and-winter designs on my computer.  It was WAY faster than the laborious hand-entering I’d been doing.  Hooray for the Interleaved Paste function in Fiberworks PCW (Jannie first showed me the method in WeavePoint, then we figured out how to do the same thing in the software on my machine.) She’d heard my plea on the latest WeaveCast, and I truly appreciate her sharing her knowledge in such a wonderfully generous way.

That’s one of the wonderful things about a conference like ANWG, you never know who’ll you’ll run into and there are all these opportunities— both scheduled and not—to learn.

Dinner that night was a treat, a whole group of us went out for Asian food at a place called the Mustard Seed.  It was yummy and the company delightful.

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