My Secret Weapon

I love the planet: I recycle, I compost, I wander around a 60-degree house all winter in a sweater to conserve electricity.

But after three days of waiting, I’ve had to face an unpleasant truth.

In the Pacific Northwest, the thirty skeins I handpainted for an upcoming rigid-heddle class at the John C. Campbell Folk School aren’t going to get dry on their own.  After three days of hanging in my bathroom, they’re still damp to the touch.

Fortunately, I have a secret weapon.

secret weapon

When our dryer died a few years back, I researched all the options and features that were on the market and discovered an amazing innovation: the shoe dryer.  It’s a shelf that fits into your dryer and creates a non-rotation platform on which you can put things.  Said things then get engulfed in gales of hot air and dry quickly without tangling, er…making a big thumping noise.

I told Eric I’d picked the best option for our replacement dryer.  Unless he reads this, he’ll never know what the deciding factor was.  ;>

I feel a bit guilty about the energy usage; when I lived in Florida, things hung outside dried within hours.  On the other hand, up here I don’t run an A/C in the summer, so I guess there are some compensations.

And it’s a heck of a lot better than the time I spent the night before a class blow-drying skeins in my hotel room with a hair dryer…

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